The Ileach – November

Ileach Single Malt Scotch
Ileach Single Malt Scotch

This month’s scotch selection was proved to have a greater level of difficulty than those past. I generally choose the month’s scotch from a single merchant. This month, however, there didn’t seem to be much selection in reasonably priced bottles that I hadn’t already sampled. As nothing caught my eye, I went to a new vendor and purchased a bottle of The Ileach Islay single malt scotch whiskey for around $50 CDN.

What really caught my attention was the label. On the front of the bottle, in capital letters is the word “PEATY”. 

“The Man From Islay” is subtitled on on the label here, which starts to make sense after tasting this malt. It’s a classic light amber, peaty malt, unapologetically rough around the edges and everything that you would expect a blue collar Islay man to sit down and enjoy after a hard days work.

The nose is strong and unmistakably peat rich with a sherry tone. That’s it. It’s simple and to the point.

In the palate again the peat comes to the front, than subsides slightly to reveal a bitter yet fruity flavour. You can really feel this malt on your tougue. It leaves you with a tingling numbness that enhances the finish.

The finish, for me is as memorable as the palate. It’s very long lasting ot say the least. A sweetness that didn’t appear before comes to light and the peat returns, more subdued than before. The taste really comes together in the finish which is very pleasant.

There is no information about the age of this scotch, but from comments I’ve read, it’s really quite young, which may contribute to the strength and simplicities found in this bottle. It’s bottled by The Highlands and Islands Scotch Whiskey Company. I’ve also read speculation that The Ileach, along with the Ileach the Dun Bheagan, may be a young Lagavulin.

At any rate, I like this scotch for what it is; a strong, peaty unapologetic malt.

If you have tried this scotch, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it!