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The Glenlivet Distillery

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Josie's Well


1824 Founded by George Smith 1858 Present distillery built 1880 Legal right to name of


In the early 1800's in remote valleys and barns at least 200 illicit stills were hard at work in the region known as Glenlivet. The stills themselves were cramped and hidden underground, in caves, in barns, in the roofs of houses, anywhere where there was room. And because of the increasing demand for the drink and the mad rush to produce anything before being found out by the Crown, the alcohol produced was an almost clear, raw spirit. But nobody cared what it looked like, it just had to be made and sold - fast. The Crown struggled to rid the Highlands of illicit distillers, who paid no excise tax. No Scot was prepared to line the pockets of the English with tax and would fight to the death - it was a stand of independence against the old enemy of England. Yet with splendid irony, George IV insisted on calling for THE Glenlivet whisky, the illicit product of the Highland stills. The kings preference brought high approval of THE Glenlivet whisky, already established as the most treasured of all Highland whiskies. Smugglers already commanded a price premium of

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Only distillery allowed to call itself

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This is an active distillery.

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