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Springbank Distillery

Distillery Region:


Established in:


Water Source:

Crosshill Loch


1828 Established 1837 John & William Mitchell 1897 J. & A. Mitchell & Co. Ltd 1926-35 Silent 1935-Present day Still under same family ownership

Additional Information:

The owners do not chill filter or add artificial colour to their whisky. One of only two distilleries to produce, mature and bottle their product on the same premises. They even malt their own barley. Present owners are direct descendents of the original Mitchells. The distillery has three stills, although this does not mean a complete triple distillation occurs - only a part of the spirit is distilled three times. The distillery also bottles a whisky called Longrow, named after a former distillery situated opposite.


This is an active distillery.

Bottlings Associated with the Springbank Scotch Whisky Distillery

There are no bottlings currently listed under the Springbank scotch whisky distillery

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