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Macduff Distillery

Distillery Region:


Established in:


Water Source:

The Gelly Burn


1962 Built by a group of business men (Brodie Hepburn, Marty Dykes, George Crawford) 1972 William Lawson 1966 Number of stills increased from 2 - 3 1968 Number of stills increased from 3 - 4 1980 William Lawson join the General Beverage Corporation of Luxembourg (handle Martini & Rossi global business)

Additional Information:

Distillery named Macduff Independent bottlings under name of Macduff Major component of William Lawson blends


This is an active distillery.

Bottlings Associated with the Macduff Scotch Whisky Distillery

There are no bottlings currently listed under the Macduff scotch whisky distillery

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